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Get Involved!

We need volunteers to be Barricade Monitors on Saturdays. Barricade Monitors simply are in charge of moving the road blocks on either end of the street to allow access to local traffic, emergency vehicles, or other cars.  They are NOT responsible for supervising attendees or planning activities. If you are interested in signing up for a few hours on a Saturday, the kids will thank you! (and we would appreciate the help!).  If you are interested, email us in the CONTACT US section!

Do you want to plan an event for the Play Street? Then do it! It is your park, too!  Bring a craft, organize a chalk art fest, decorate scooters and bikes, play kickball or kick the can, have a musical parade, bring cookies and lemonade, whatever! Have fun!! 

*** no permanent structures are allowed in the Play Street (bounce houses, rock walls, play ground sets, etc.).  The road always has to be able to be quickly cleared to allow passage of an emergency vehicle. ***