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Do you have any questions on Play Streets? Want to learn more?  Would you like to volunteer? Please contact us!

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Interested in possibly starting a Play Street in your neighborhood?

1. Create a letter of intent (what you want, where you want it, when it will happen) and have your neighbors on the street sign it. 

2. Email/mail this letter to David Simpson, Wauwatosa Director of Public works and COPY YOUR ALDERMEN/ALDERWOMEN!  CLICK HERE for your alderperson's email address. CLICK HERE for David Simpson's contact info.

3. Contact us and let us know you are trying to get another Play Street started.  We will help any way we can. CLICK HERE for our direct email address. The more successful Play Streets we have, the more likely this program will stick around!


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Yale Place between N. 69th and N. 70th
Wauwatosa, WI 53213